How Heavenly Heat Saunas are Different

The company actually manufacturers its own infrared saunas, unlike almost every company that simply imports theirs form China and puts their own brand name on the product. I did not know at first how important this difference was until I started shopping and decided on this brand of infrared sauna.

Here is where I found the best review of Heavenly Heat Saunas and gave me the reason to contact the company. The guy that runs that site knows so much more than I do. His site helped me more than I can say and saved me a lot of time. So many reviews are so confusing but his were very helpful and clear.

Their products don't look as flashy or colorful as many brands as the wood they use is Poplar that is untreated in any way inside or outside. Their focus is on purity and having the user exposed tpo zero fumes of any kind while using the sauna. Therefore they wood is untreated, plastics are not used inside the wooden cabin structure, giving the user an ultra clean and pure infrared therapy session.

Heavenly Heat Ceramic Heaters

The heaters they use are medical grade of stainless steel and have a curved shape. What I learned this means is not only a 95% efficiency of heat to the user, but the heaters themselves give off no toxic fumes, unlike many others in the industry. When I started my search, I had no idea the huge quality difference in heaters and woods used.

The curved shape gives it the high efficiency. I learned most companies use ceramic rods that are usually filled with sand and are less than 50% efficient and use metal shield to reflect some of the heat back at the person inside. Most of these rod heaters were designed to use in factories drying car paint or heating work areas. Not really for infrared. Heavenly Heat Saunas use heaters designed for Infrared Therapy use and for pure air with no toxic fumes.

I have talked with Bob Morgan who has been the owner of the company for 30 years several times while buying my sauna. He was so helpful and so much more knowledgeable and patient than I ever expected. I did learn he has a passion to help those in medical need of detoxifying as I was.

I have a high degree of sensitivity to chemicals of many kinds and plastic fumes are something I wanted to avoid as well. Even the lights inside the wooden cabin are bulbs and metal, not the plastic fitting that almost every company uses. Everything about these are made to keep the air inside clean.

You can see the outside wood is not varnished or anything to put off fumes. Also the wood cabin is built using non corrosion screws and does not use any glue. This is the only company to use only screws.

Air Circulation and AIR FILTER

They also have vents and air circulation. The air comes in underneath the heaters and vents out the top, keeping the heaters cooler which is better for detoxifying and keeps the air inside a bit cooler.

There is also a carbon Filter for the air so the air being vented back into the room is clean. This is the only Infrared sauna I found in over 20 companies that filters the vented air.

This is another reason I choose this company. These are the purest ones you can buy

Lyme's Disease and Autism

I was suffering from some real skin problems and what my doctor described as toxic overload. Using my Heavenly Heat Sauna for 3 months has so greatly improved my life and skin. I still am allergic to so many perfumes and other chemicals but the problems they cause are less than before.

The owner Bob really cares about people with Lyme's disease and has been a vocal person regarding the terrible increase of Autism.

Autistic children have great difficulty detoxifying themselves. Infrared in studies has been shown to greatly help those with autism detox from mercury and other toxins. This was the original information I learned that caused me to begin shopping for infrared therapy. I do not suffer with autism but I needed to greatly detoxify.

Here are two videos where he is interviewed by a Doctor Woeller, the Director ofAutism Action Plan organization regarding child and autism. They are very short. 

It is easy to see that he is a great guy.  I was surprised how easy it was to talk with the owner of a company.

I would recommend an Infrared Sauna to anyone and everyone and I recommend them often when I talk with anyone who has a health problem. This has been a life saver for me. And from what I learned, Heavenly Heat Saunas have the cleanest ones anywhere. They are not as pretty as a lot of others but don't let that stop you from getting one. It is amazing.

I am so thankful I have mine.